With ten years and counting of communications and storytelling, here are three things I’m sure of about effective writing.

A storyteller who sits on the picket fence, in reality has nothing to say. Writing can and should challenge perspectives or agitate some discussion. …

My tips and tools of the trade to keep you writing.

Inspiration will come to you from anywhere, at strange hours of the day, and sometimes, not at all conveniently. This is why you should always carry a notebook. I cannot stress enough how much better a notebook is compared…

Yes, I know. This first piece of advice may seem completely unprofound but I promise you, this isn’t just a bland statement.

When you first start out, you’ll have every reason to doubt yourself and question whether your voice is even worth exploring. You’ll torture yourself over a sentence. You’ll…

Real stories of real people in 100 words or less.

Sometimes late at night near Shida night market, you’ll find an old man selling hand-grilled corn from a rickety street cart.

He makes them made-to-order. The cob is layered with three sauces, slathered with a wooden paintbrush. He regrills the…

Quyen Tran

Journalist and communications specialist. Spilling stories and insights on writing with authenticity.

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